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To suppress the spread of COVID-19 it is essential that, with limited exceptions, there is no travel to or from areas where higher numbers of people may be carrying the virus.

Please check the latest Scottish Government guidance on travel and transport here

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You are reminded that unnecessary travel from England, Wales or Northern Ireland is to be avoided at this time and, if you are travelling from abroad, quarantine laws may apply.

If you are travelling around Scotland, please use the postcode checker to confirm what level you are travelling from:

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You should only be travelling for essential purposes. Please follow the Scottish Government guidance

Please familiarise yourself with the our latest travel information. Note that the use of face coverings is now mandatory within any internal areas of the ship. All passengers will be expected to comply with the Scottish Government guidance on this and provide their own face covering.

If you are displaying any Covid-19 symptoms. Please do not attempt to travel.