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Pentland Ferries has announced the appointment of a new managing director. Helen Inkster, will take up the role today (21 June 2022).

Owner of the company, Andrew Banks, said: “We are delighted to have Helen re-join the company and become our new managing director. I am confident that under Helen’s leadership, supported by the board and a strong management team, Pentland Ferries is in very safe hands.

“This restructure will allow me to fulfil what has been a long-term plan, namely to take a step back from day to day operations. I will continue to chair the board and input at a strategic level, but will very much enjoy having more time to spend with my family and to devote to other interests.”

Helen Inkster said: “Pentland Ferries has celebrated over 20 years of success which has challenged and changed opinions on how ferry travel operates in Scotland. It’s great to be back and to be looking to the future.

“As we move out of the pandemic, we can begin to consider new opportunities while ensuring that current services continue to operate to their full potential.

“I am honoured to return to Pentland Ferries as Managing Director, and look forward to working with the team to ensure the ongoing success of the company.”

Helen re-joins the company from Orkney Ferries where she was Ferry Services Manager. She returns with considerable experience across the entire Pentland Ferries operation, having held various posts in a career which first began as a student working as a summer customer service assistant nearly twenty years ago. After the build and delivery of the MV Pentalina, Helen left the company for a change of career, but then returned after having a family as Designated Person Ashore and Company Security Officer, a role which she shared with Kathryn Scollie.

Helen has experienced, first hand, the achievements and also the challenges that the company has faced, holding management roles during the build and delivery of both the MV Pentalina and MV Alfred, as well as throughout the pandemic.