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Pentland Ferries has confirmed an investigation into the grounding of MV Pentalina on Saturday evening (29 April 2023) is underway.

The vessel had 60 passengers on board at time none of whom were injured.

Managing Director of Pentland Ferries, Helen Inkster said: “Our first priority was the safety of our passengers and we can confirm that all are safe and well. All were transferred from the vessel to the lifeboats and then taken to the Cromarty Hall in St Margaret’s Hope, before going home or to their accommodation.

“We are very grateful for the prompt action, support and assistance of HM Coastguard Services, RNLI, Police, Ambulance and Fire and Rescue Services. Our thanks also goes to Cromarty Hall, Maynes Coaches, Robertsons, Leask Marine, Orkney Local Emergency Coordination Group and, of course, the crew of the Pentalina and our shoreside team whose response demonstrated the high level of preparation and training that was key in ensuring passengers remained calm and felt supported throughout.

“The vessel was moved from the beach to the linkspan at 6.30 this morning and is now undergoing a survey, from which we will know what (if any) damage has been sustained. Only when we know the extent of the problem, can we formulate a plan to resume service.

“The Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) is conducting a survey and the Marine Accident Investigation Branch are expected to arrive on Tuesday (2 May).

“We understand the impact this will have on the local community and those with travel plans. Our customer service team is currently contacting all prebooked passengers to inform them of the situation. In the meantime, we thank everyone for their patience and understanding.”