Pentland Ferries - Frequently Asked Questions – MV Pentalina
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Frequently Asked Questions – MV Pentalina

The Pentalina is a smaller ship, how will it cope with reduced capacity?
We are adding extra sailings over the summer season to help with any capacity issues. Please bear in mind that the summer season is always a busy time and we advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

I have already booked, will my booking be affected?
Depending on the date of your travel, there may be a timetable change. If your booking is affected, we will contact you directly to offer alternative times.

I’m worried about the space on the car deck. The Pentalina’s car deck is very small and in the past we have been squeezed on?
We have restricted the number of available spaces to ensure that there is adequate room to move around all vehicles.

How reliable is the Pentalina?
The vessel has undergone a technical overhaul, including a full service of all four engines and generators. Should we experience any unforeseen technical issues, these will, as always, be dealt with as swiftly as possible, in order to keep the service running smoothly.

What are the toilet facilities on the Pentalina?
We have seven passenger toilets on the ship and have made improvements to our cubicle sizes and sanitary system for our passengers’ convenience.

I have a dog, what are the facilities going to be now?
We understand that the sun lounge on the MV Alfred has been a welcome addition for all dog owners. We are exploring creating a covered area on the outer decks of the Pentalina to accommodate you and your dog. In the meantime, they can be left inside vehicles on the car deck. We will review these arrangement as we head into the winter season.

What is the disabled access on the Pentalina?
We have a chair lift which can accommodate a wheelchair up to 225kg. We will also have a stair climber, as a standby, for individuals with reduced mobility.

What food and drink will be available?
We will have food and refreshments available and are in the process of finalising a menu.