Pentland Ferries Ltd - Ferry to Orkney

Pentland Ferries are Safe

  • Pentland Ferries operate on the shorter, more sheltered route across the Pentland Firth, ensuring travellers a safe and rapid stress-free journey
  • Our new ferry has 4 engines, which ensures plenty of redundancy should an engine develop a fault
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, Pentalina’s advanced Marine Evacuation System (MES) permits passengers to disembark directly from the vehicle deck into inflatable lifeboats, whereas on high-sided ferries passengers may have to use longer sliding chutes from higher up on the ship’s side to reach lifeboats, which can be more difficult as well as more time-consuming

Why choose Pentland Ferries

There are 8 good reasons why you should choose Pentland Ferries over any other ferry service for your journey to or from Orkney.

Pentland ferries service is:

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