Pentland Ferries Ltd - Ferry to Orkney

Pentland Ferries are Frequent

  • Pentland Ferries offer up to 4 departures daily each way during peak travel months (NorthLink offers 3 sailings each way per day, and just 2 on Sundays)
  • Pentland Ferries therefore provide up to 50 crossings on the Pentland Firth each week at peak times compared with NorthLink’s 40, resulting in an extra 10 crossings per week (i.e. Pentland Ferries offers 20% greater frequency)
  • Our greater frequency across the Pentland Firth means Pentland Ferries offers 10% more total vehicle-carrying capacity during peak times than NorthLink, with much lower fuel consumption

Why choose Pentland Ferries

There are 8 good reasons why you should choose Pentland Ferries over any other ferry service for your journey to or from Orkney.

Pentland ferries service is:

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