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Pentland Ferries are Environmentally Friendly

  • Pentland Ferries new ship the mv Pentalina consumes just 26% of the fuel per crossing compared with the NorthLink ferry between Scrabster-Stromness
  • Pentland Ferries mv Pentalina consumes 33% of the fuel per car-space compared with NorthLink between Scrabster-Stromness
  • Pentland Ferries mv Pentalina emits 33% the C02 emissions per car-space compared with NorthLink’s ferry
  • In addition, Pentland Ferries connects its ship to cleaner shoreside electricity supply overnight whereas NorthLink’s higher powered generators continue to run on diesel fuel all night, every night

Pentland Ferries are therefore at least THREE TIMES MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than NorthLink on the Pentland Firth route.

Compared with NorthLink’s emissions, Pentland Ferries more environmentally friendly ship and service already meets the Scottish Government’s intended target of 80% reduction in C02 emissions by 2050.

If you care about the environment then it is important you make the right choice – PENTLAND FERRIES

For a detailed comparison of Environmental Impacts see the table below.

Estimated fuel consumption and C02 emissions for vehicle-ferries on the Pentland Firth




Car capacity


kgs C02/car







Pentland Ferries












NorthLink Ferries












Sources: FBM Marine; Transport Research Institute-TRI


CAPACITY: Pentalina has capacity for 350 passengers and 75 cars. Hamnavoe has capacity or 600 passengers and 95 cars.

POWER/FUEL CONSUMPTION: Pentalina - max engine power 3,876kW, fuel cons est. 708 ltrs per crossing @ 15/16 knots. Hamnavoe - max engine power 8,680kW, fuel cons est. 2,752 ltrs per crossing @ 18/19 knots.

ROUTE DISTANCES: Gill’s Bay-St. Margaret’s Hope 15 nautical miles. Scrabster-Stromness 28 nautical miles.

Why choose Pentland Ferries

There are 8 good reasons why you should choose Pentland Ferries over any other ferry service for your journey to or from Orkney.

Pentland ferries service is:

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