Pentland Ferries Ltd - Ferry to Orkney

Pentland Ferries are Convenient

  • Pentland Ferries has a simple and straightforward charging system with payment prior to boarding or on board the ship - you decide
  • Pentland Ferries first sailing of the day at 0745 from Orkney is more customer-friendly (NorthLink’s first sailing is at 0630!)
  • Pentland Ferries last sailing from Gill’s Bay to Orkney during peak travel months is at 7.30 pm, giving travellers a valuable extra 30 minutes to reach the terminal (NorthLink depart Scrabster at 7.00 pm)

Why choose Pentland Ferries

There are 8 good reasons why you should choose Pentland Ferries over any other ferry service for your journey to or from Orkney.

Pentland ferries service is:

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