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Pentland Ferries are Comfortable

  • Pentland Ferries much shorter Gill’s Bay-St. Margaret’s Hope route, just 15 miles long, takes the ship across the part of the Pentland Firth that is least exposed to adverse weather/high waves
  • Only about half of Pentland Ferries 1-hour voyage is on the Pentland Firth, the remainder within sheltered and scenic Scapa Flow, whereas almost all of NorthLink’s 1.5 hour crossing is in open seas
  • During adverse weather the incidence of sea-sickness is less likely where time spent in the open sea is: a) less than 1 hour, and b) in less exposed sea areas

Why choose Pentland Ferries

There are 8 good reasons why you should choose Pentland Ferries over any other ferry service for your journey to or from Orkney.

Pentland ferries service is:

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