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The Pentalina

It was decided early in 2007 that the time was right to introduce a new ship to the route. After many discussions the decision was made to commission a brand new catamaran bringing the route into the 21st century.

Pentland Ferries - New Catamaran for Orkney ferryPentland Ferries - New CatamaranPentland Ferries - New Catamaran for ferry in the Orkneys

Work started on the new boat in Cebu in the Philippines in February 2007 and progressed steadily throughout the year.

Pentland Ferries - New Catamaran, OrkneyPentland Ferries - New Orkney ferry, CatamaranPentland Ferries - New Catamaran, Orkneys

By November 2007 the main structure was almost complete and work had started on the fixtures and fittings.

The Pentalina was launched in Cebu on 22nd April 2008.

Pentland Ferries - New Orkneys CatamaranPentland Ferries - Orkneys new Catamaran ferryPentland Ferries - Orkneys new Ferry - Catamaran

After a lengthy journey from the Philippines to Orkney the MV Pentalina finally arrived in St Margaret’s Hope on 10th December 2008.

Pentland Ferries - New Catamaran in OrkneysPentland Ferries - New Catamaran in OrkneyPentland Ferries - New Catamaran - Orkney ferry

Throughout December 2008 and January 2009 the MV Pentalina underwent final fitting out and trials before taking over the route from the MV Claymore.

The MV Pentalina reduces the journey time to approximately 1 hour making it the fastest car and passenger ferry to Orkney.  She is also much larger than MV Claymore being able to accommodate 9 articulated lorries, more than 30 cars and 250 passengers. In peak season we can accommodate 346 passengers.

With state of the art technology and the comfort and safety of our passengers being of the highest priority the Pentalina is the best way to travel. From the amazing views of Orkney and Caithness from the sundeck or relaxing in the comfort of one of the two lounges you will arrive refreshed and ready to continue your journey.

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